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The Whizzer Works

One of the largest collections of Whizzer motorbikes and parts 
in the country

Engine and Part Rebuilding and Restoration

Bike Restoration

Vintage Whizzer Motorbikes

New Whizzer Motorbikes

Engines and Parts

Also look for our EBay auctions (seller ID- marginalia)


* Now Available *

Photocopied Reproduction of 1952 Whizzer Dealer Catalog
Photocopied Reproduction of 1950s Whizzer Service Facts Manual
Photocopied Reproduction of 1948 Whizzer Instruction Book

See Restoration Page for details and prices.


We now also carry a wide variety of Vintage Go Karts 
and parts.  Please email if you have any questions
about availability of items and their prices.


Upcoming Events that Whizzer Works will be attending: 

* To be announced *


The Whizzer Works

Mike Steiff
3150 Kauffman Rd
Carroll, OH 43112
Fax: (740)756-4961


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