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Whizzer Parts and Memorabilia

The Whizzer Works has a large collection of New Old Stock, restored,  rebuilt and reproduction parts and memorabilia available for Whizzer motorbikes, as well as for some other bicycle makes.  Below is a list of the types of parts we carry.  Please contact us for information  on the condition and price of specific parts; we have a wide variety of makes and models in all types of conditions.  Click on the thumbnails below for pictures of our parts warehouse. We also have a Featured Items page to showcase a sampling of our huge collection of parts.

Click hear to go to Featured Items Page


> Frames > Engine Blocks
> Seats > Transmissions
> Fenders > Carburetors
> Forks > Cams
> Handlebars and Grips > High Compression Heads
> Gas Tanks > High Fin Cylinder Heads
> Front and Rear Brakes > Generators
> Chains and Chain Guards > Cylinder Heads
> Sidecovers > Roller Crankshafts
> Belts and Beltguards > Rods
> Lights > Coils
> Reflectors > Breathers
> Tires > Saddlebags
> Rims, Hubs and Spokes > Decals and Fender Ornaments
> Pedals, Arms and Sprockets > Luggage Racks
> Speedometers > And much, much more


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