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SCA, (etc) Spring Cleaning Sale

It is springtime and therefore time to divest oneself of all the stuff that has been piling up in the closets over the winter (or longer).  As such, it is also a time for other people to reap the rewards of this yearly ritual.  So Nicolaa and Gunthar present, for your medieval recreationist bargain hunting pleasure, the SCA, (etc) Spring Cleaning Sale.  Please note that we can bring the items to local meetings, various events, etc. if you would like to take a look and/or you would like to pick up things in person. We can ship most of the items just about anywhere if you are willing to pay for the shipping costs.


* All Prices are Negotiable *


  • Russian Coat and Hat, early Rus' style.  Green and Blue, 100% Wool with cotton cuffs and lining.  Fits a 42-48" + chest size.  Buttons are now gold metal.  Sash not included.  The hat that comes with the coat is a green Rus' cap with black fur trim (not pictured).

russian.jpg (60297 bytes)


  • 'Side button' Tunic. Fits a 42-48" + chest size. Blue, 100% Cotton twill.  Based on a 13th century style.  A good light piece of garb that can be used at Pennsic, etc.

sbtunic.JPG (48295 bytes)


  • 13th Century Spanish Surcote.   Green brocade with red silk trim, fully lined in cotton. Based directly on garments found in a royal tomb at Las Huelgas, Spain. Fits size 12-16.  Undertunic not included.

greensurcoat1.JPG (53310 bytes) greensurcoat2.JPG (81704 bytes)


  • Gawazee Coat.  Purple, 100% Silk with red cotton lining, gold tone buttons. Fits size 14-16. Undertunic not included.

purple.jpg (53894 bytes)


  • Decorated Dress/Tunic, 12th-13th century.  Red, wool/acrylic twill. Features gold and silk embroidery and garnet beads around neckline. Can be worn with or without belt.  Undertunic not included.

reddress1.JPG (42352 bytes) reddress2.JPG (39386 bytes)


  • Woman's Surcote, 13th century.  Red with Green Trim and hand-embroidered floral motif in silk, 100% Wool, French seamed. Undertunic not included.

redsurcoat1.JPG (41843 bytes) redsurcoat2.JPG (40653 bytes)


  • Fez.  Black felt.

fez.JPG (38966 bytes)


  • Reversible Phrygian Cap.  Black and Blue with trim, 100% Cotton. Fits approx. size 7 1/4.

cap.JPG (56796 bytes)


  • Hood.  Blue, 100% Cotton

hood.JPG (48626 bytes)


  • Renaissance 'Flat' Hats plus extra feather.  Various colors, comes with a free extra feather (various colors, see below)
    $7.00 each

redhat1.JPG (40314 bytes) blackhat1.JPG (38140 bytes) greenhat1.JPG (39731 bytes) greenhat2.JPG (38941 bytes)


  • Veil set.  Includes veil, wimple, fillet, and long veil.

veilset.JPG (36076 bytes)

  • 35" x 35" Veils.  White, 100% Cotton

veil.JPG (39989 bytes)


  • Half Circle wimples.  White, 100% Cotton
    $3.00 each

halfcircle.JPG (38242 bytes)


  • Feathers.  Various colors (Red, Blue, Green, Black and Yellow)
    $0.50 each or $9.00 for all 20 of them

feathers.JPG (35000 bytes)


  • Large Gold Decorated Aiglets.

aglets1.JPG (38495 bytes) aglets2.JPG (16758 bytes)


  • Pewter Horn.

horn.JPG (39944 bytes)


  • Wooden Sandalwood scented Fans plus box. 

fan.JPG (38351 bytes)


  • Late Period Officer / Sergeant's Spear.  Useful as a prop for late period recreators or as a display piece.

spear1.JPG (11869 bytes) spear2.JPG (35119 bytes)


  • 17th Century Matchlock Musket (non-functional).  Reproduction black powder musket made by English Armouries in Britain.  No longer functional weapon, the previous owner told me that the barrel is worn and the touch hole is damaged.  Useful as a prop for late period recreators or as a display piece.

musket2.JPG (16021 bytes) musket1.JPG (38871 bytes)


  • Decorated Crossbow Prod.  Acid-etched metalwork, made by Ancient Arms and Armour of Montreal.  Non-functional, for display purposes only.

prod2.JPG (40431 bytes) prod4.JPG (40114 bytes) prod3.JPG (40102 bytes)


  • Flute.  Excellent condition, includes photocopy of beginners' instruction book and music.

flute.JPG (38205 bytes)


  • Late 19th / Early 20th Century Binoculars.  Rather battered, by in overall good condition, right lens is chipped.  A great collectors' item.

binoculars1.JPG (39159 bytes) binoculars2.JPG (38493 bytes) binoculars3.JPG (37649 bytes)


  • Light Up Christmas Houses.

house1.JPG (37061 bytes) house2.JPG (63335 bytes)